Yatharth’s Date Me page v2

location   Los Angeles, CA (may move soon)
 contact   @AskYatharth
          age    early twenties
  tattoos    one


  • I am deeply loyal. My loyalty to you will probably extend beyond the length of our relationship (if it does end).
  • I write a lot. Writing is how I became free. Mostly Twitter threads, but I’ve been writing more poems & essays.


deeply influenced by

  • books   dune  his dark materials
  • spirituality  tantric buddhism  sufism  jungian alchemy 


  • okay with poly or monogamous people. i feel compatible with both
  • i like people who feel actively kind. like they’ve thought about it. thought and thought and thought and felt and felt and felt until they came to something
  • im a slut for competence. competence at anything, truly. batting your eyelids to make men drop is a thing. wanting to make fusion energy possible is another thing. investigating the richness of soil under your feet and the delight of a popsicle on a hot day is another


for the type system people

  • Leo sun, Pisces moon
  • historically strong INTP / Te, cultivating Fi, Ni, S in my life.


  • I’m scared and still figuring a lot of things out. About life, living. I’ve become more relaxed over the years. Okay with death and becoming. I was born with a lot to prove; some of it still shows.
  • I believe I’m the hero of my own life. I like other people who feel the same way. At the same time as embodying being the most unimportant spectator, sidekick, and minor goof character in the scheme of the universe.